Mores Creek Bridge, about 18 miles north, is a 848 foot steel arch bridge over Mores Creek (Lucky Peak Reservoir) on Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway. Built by the American Bridge Company in 1953. Average daily traffic is slightly over 3,000 vehicles. ITD plans to rehabilitate the existing bridge including deck, joints, replacement of the bridge parapet and railing, foundation and other repairs.

Rode north out of Federal Way and E. Amity Rd onto E. Warm Springs Ave which dumped us out on northbound Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway (ID-21). We stopped by Mores Creek Bridge first before continuing to the Visitor Center in Idaho City for a brown bag lunch. Done, off to Mile Marker 44 north of town before time constraints forced us to return home.

Other rider shot this photo of the Idaho Road Runners while loitering on the bridge. Grumbler was shooting the video below of those 26 motorcycles from a nearby bluff. There's a red car close behind acting as a caboose for the train although it's hard to spot in this picture.

Idaho City, an old mining town, is a cool place to hang for awhile. This is at the visitor center where we brown bagged it at the picnic table. Plenty of snow on the mountains around here.

Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway sign at visitor center. Idaho City is at an elevation of 3906' vs. 2842' in Boise. Highland Valley Summit (3782') is the only mountain summit between Boise and Idaho City. Once north of Idaho City, there's Mores Creek Summit (6,132') and Beaver Creek Summit (6,056') enroute to Lowman. Banner Creek Summit (7,037') is located between Lowman and Stanley.

SH-21 at Mile Marker 44 north of Idaho City. After noticing other other rider's disappearance, made an u-turn along a straight stretch, and met him here for some photo ops. We didn't bother making snow angels.

The road beyond continues north to Lowman and Stanley where it ends at the junction of ID-75. We blasted back to Idaho City, and spotted the Idaho Road Runners gettng ready to depart from the Gold Mine while enroute to Boise. There was an Idaho State Police SUV parked just outside of town on the left while we were going over the limit. Guess we looked slower than we actually were so no performance awards. ;^)